Rotarians go sleek as they celebrate women in Rotary


By Derrick Asaba

Slaying lately has changed trend. From the moderate age to the corporates who mostly are in their 40’s and beyond.

While the Women in Rotary were celebrated on Saturday in the 5th Annual Women in Rotary event at the Serena Victoria ballroom, Rotarians sleeked in dressed to the nines.

Guests at the Annual Women in Rotary Event (Photo| Bayan Nalubwama)

Hosted by the Rotary club of Kampala, Naalya under the theme ‘Serving above self’, the event organised in a bid to celebrate the Women in Rotary was full of humour and comedy as Rotarians danced to the music in a calmer setting.

It was attended by various people from different rotary clubs in Kampala.The president of the Rotary club of Kampala Kiwatule, Marion who was at the same time the show host amused Rotarians as she danced to Jangu by Winnie Nwagi going down low.

Stressing a point: Two ladies engaged in deep conversation during the dinner (Photo: Bayan Nalubwama)

She advised ladies who each was given a rose at entrance not to hug or kiss their neighbour for Corona virus is alive.

With the Right Hon Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwawula Kadaga as the guest of honour, the event was attended by a number of dignitaries in the Rotary circles and Charity initiatives.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga grooves to Michael Kitanda’s music (Photo| Bayan Nalubwama)

The Rotary Director Governor and President of the Rotary club of Kampala, Kiwatule, Rotarian Francis Xavier Ssentamu Ssalongo applauded ladies on their elegant looks and a brick they have added to the growth of Rotary in Uganda.

“You ladies look stunning. How I wish it was always Women’s day! It has been fun, service, growth since the women joined Rotary. For the past time women were not given a central position in Rotary but their entry has since shaped the growth of this initiative.

The guests were in a cheerful mood during the celebrations (Photo| Bayan Nalubwama)

We celebrate women and indeed we are celebrating humanity for there wouldn’t be humanity if there weren’t women,’’ he said.He also applauded Kadaga for being a great leader and an inspiration to many Rotarians.

Men who have overtime stood by and cherished the womenfolk were also recognised and appreciated. The next event will be co-hosted with the Rotary club of Kampala, Munyonyo.

Along with the processions, the guests were entertained by, Michael Kitanda on the saxophone. Plus, different Rotarians were awarded for their tremendous contribution to the club.


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