Police should plant security officers in the audience- Bebe Cool


By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Bebe Cool advised the police to plant secret security officers in the audience so as to curb the escalating vice.

” Police should put some security officers, dressed in plain clothes  in the public so that they may get these goons.

The promoters should always first pay a receipt of about five millions to the police and this money should be given to the officers who are to work on that show that night. Those organized people are always very few and can always be captured. It may even provide more security to the other people on the venue…,” he advised.

He also highlighted that he was not going to stop supporting Museveni and nor was he going to stop performing.

” No one will pelt bottles at me and I chicken out. I am not going to stop supporting Museveni and I am also not going to stop performing. That intimidation will not work,” he said.


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