Bebe Cool’s Son fights in bar


By Website writer

Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrik is in a spot of bother. On Monday night at Fame Lounge, Hendrik attacked Aganaga and threw punches over what he claimed was Aganaga’s perceived disrespect of Bebe Cool.

“He came out of the blue with a group of friends and started to fight. I was in the company of a DJ and he stopped the fight, but this was after a lot of shoving,” says Aganaga.

Aganaga claims he was beaten in an unprovoked fight (photo: Facebook)

A few months back Aganaga advised Bebe to invest in his son’s career instead of splashing money to random people. The Bad Character Studios boss said Hendrik’s career had failed to get off the ground yet his father has the resources to push it forward.

“Bebe Cool is selfish. He cannot even promote his own son,” Aganaga said.


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