Chameleone mocks Bebe Cool, offers son a collabo


By Ahmad Muto

The last few weeks were about two artistes – Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone and from the look of things, each one is trying to box out the other especially during media interviews. Now singer Jose during an interview with a local television station called out singer Bebe Cool for not helping his son Allan Hendrix breakthrough in the local music industry yet he has a father who is a successful artiste, every instrument available and free access to studio.

He noted that he contributed to the industry with the likes of the late Mowzey Radio, Weasel, King Saha while all Bebe Cool has to show is Rema Namakula.

Chameleone said: Have brought up very many artists but if you ask Bebe Cool, he will only show you Rema and nothing else. I brought Mowzey Radio, Weasel, King Saha and many others,” and asked, “Where is Allan Hendrik? We need a collabo of Allan Hendrik and his dad. The collabo will push him to rise in the ranks since his dad is a big pillar in the music industry.If his dad is not willing to avail him with a collabo, he should come to me” he said.


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