I was so embarrassed at Rema’s introduction – John Blaq


By Ahmad Muto

According to singer John Blaq, in a bid to dress uniquely and standout at singer Rema’s wedding last year, he ended up the worst dressed and it was so obvious that nobody had to tell him.

He says when he arrived, he thought he looked good in his timberland boots and chains only to realise later that everyone was dressed in a tunic and blazer and everytime he tried getting closer to them they would avoid him. After noticing he had messed up, he got uncomfortable and left early.

“Nobody wanted to be seen with me because I was dressed so badly. I was the odd man out. It was hard for me to even stay that I decided to chase myself away. I think even Rema herself wasn’t impressed,” he said.

After the wedding that was attended by many other entertainers who all stood out, John Blaq was trolled by social media users and bloggers who called him the worst dressed on Rema’s big day.


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