Profile: Meet Phillip Ganja a Ugandan film actor and comedian based in South Africa


By Musa Ssemwanga

Norman Mutebi  aka Phillip Ganja is a prominent film director, Producer, Actor, Comedian and studied Drama while in Uganda.

Born to Eddy Ganja, a Ugandan music legend, Soloist and vocalist with the Afrigo band with his six siblings. Nana, William, Vicky,Morgan, Colline and Milva.

I was one of the best student in my drama school during that time and by then he managed to get a scholarship in high school, then after joined one of the best drama groups in Uganda the Bakayimbira Dramactors who featured in the film hotel Rwanda, i then later travelled to South Africa to promote my acting career .

Norman Mutebi  aka Phillip Ganja the prominent film director, Producer, Actor, Comedian pictured with Jose Chameleone

Together with his brother, Norman, they started a music and films Production company under their father’s name “Ganja” music production to basically help upgrade talent.

The two brothers have worked with some of the top South African Kwaito artists including Arthur Mafokate, the late Zombo, Purity and Penny Penny the Shangani music star.

Their Film Company has produced movies like “welcome to south Africa” which sold up to 2 million copies in Uganda and 5000 copies in South Africa on the day of its release. They also produced “Buladina”, a tribute film about the life of fallen star Paulo Kafeero..

In 2004, he opened a music company called GM Production which dealt in music events and actors after which he later started another company called Celeb Entertainment which traded  in Celeb Movies in South Africa.

‘I produced a movie called Welcome to South Africa 1 and 2 which was later signed by Next Movies Company also in South Africa’.

He has made a fortune from films and acting

The movie was also recognized as the most selling Ugandan Movie ever on the market before I produced Bradina (1 and 2) and in both Movies am the main character and Producer. Adds Ganja.

Am very flexible with any role that am assigned to play or act that’s why in the said movies above I managed to act as a traditional doctor and a farmer respectively.

My current production is a Comedy/ drama piece called ‘The Bachelors’ and am also into charity activities with my ‘Streets Of Africa’ Program where I give back to the poor.

Besides films and commercials, I mostly spend my other time dealing in car spare parts as well as estate and properties.


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