Ykee Benda records AIGP Kasingye’s domestic violence song


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ykee Benda has apparently finished recording a domestic violence song that AIGP Asan Kasingye asked him to record about two months ago.

Kasingye offered to contribute sh2million for the project. The purpose of the song is to inform the public about gender based violence informing the public about respect for women and the girl child.

Ykee benda met ASP Asan Kasingye to follow up on the latter’s proposal (Photo: Instragram)

This was after Ykee Benda took to Tweeted that he was in studio but had run out of ideas? Then Kasingye proposed the idea.

On Friday, he tweeted that the song is ready and wanted Kansingye to listen to it first before taking it to South Africa for mastering.

“The song is ready my papa @AKasingye #NoSilence when can I meet you to give it a listen before we send it for mastering in South Africa?”


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