Vinka thrills KIU students


By Derrick Asaba

Presently, music is being fostered on nearly all community targeted events with musicians as the top headliners. This is on an account that music appeals to many, thus attracts a larger audience to attend such events.

This was the same strategy the ministry of health employed as its massive sexuality education in tertiary institutions outreach saw its genesis in prospect to bridge the information and service gap on sexual reproductive health among the youths at Kampala International University (KIU) took as a gimmick to grab the student’s attention happening on Thursday at the main campus in Kansanga.

Representatives from KCCA and Ministry of Health organized the bazaar (Photo: Simon Peter Tumwine)

The health event themed on, “Bridging the gap in access and utilization of accurate sexual reproductive health Information and services for young people” was the first health bazaar organized by the health ministry in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority, KCCA in universities. The students were exposed to cervical cancer screening, HIV Counseling and testing, educational health promotion about nutrition and teachings about body changes.

It was Paka Chini from the time she took to the floor (Photo Credit: Simon Peter Tumwine)

Sony-signed Ugandan female singer, Veronica Luggya alias Vinka left students thrilled with her electric performance at the Kansanga main campus. Though she performed at the event’s revelation, students kept within the school premises to notice the diva’s performance.

There projection came true when she stepped on stage at around 4pm and sent the music-hungry crowd into dance. She performed her pronounced songs like Overdose, Tubikole, Mapozi nawe, By the way, Sure, Sweet Love and Ketchup. Students danced so much and sang loudly to her collaboration with Winnie Nwagi dubbed, ‘Amaaso’.

It being a health event, Vinka took a minute’s time and advised students on health issues. She advised them to do away with drugs noting that she too, doesn’t, to use protections during sex and eat well to achieve their dreams.

Vinka wowed the students with her songs (Photo credits: Simon Peter Tumwine)

“Drugs are not cool so kick them off your life. Stay in school and remember you can achieve your dreams if only you are healthy,” Vinka advised students. Students had a fun time as they took selfies with the dance hall maestro and dancing the day off.

Initially, singer and vocalist Iryn Namubiru was partnering with this health initiative but currently is out of the country. Against this background therefore, Dr Richard Mugahi, the Coordinator of Reproductive Health outreaches for tertiary institutions at Ministry of health revealed to The Kampala Sun that Vinka will take her position as their health bazaar’s ambassador for the time being till Namubiru resumes her obligations.


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