DJ Michael begs Mayanja family to re-do AK47’s songs


By Paul Waiswa

After devising viable means for a comeback on the spotlight though not yet achieved, dance hall singer Dj. Michael has opted for plan B.

The singer who has been vibrant for a couple of months since last year ever since politics intruded the music circuit but musically less vibrant has now taken avenues to meet late singer AK 47’s family to be granted permission and re- do at least one of the deceased songs.

According to Dj. Michael during an entertainment interview with a Komwokya based TV, AK was a great dance hall young super star whose works are too inspirational to the majority youth and this this the reason why Michael is opting to re- do the songs.

“I am the king of dance hall and AK was a true dance hall singer. I want to re-do one of his great songs which is my favorite too. The song I want to do is Champion and once granted permission I will storm the studio and drop it. I want to add it on my twelve – track Album as the bonus track. I have no hidden intentions behind this opinion,” he said

He observed that he is not doing it as a way of retaining back his lost glory but as a fan of AK 47. He went further and cleared out air about promoter Balaam’s direction of burning him from performing on his events or sound saying that if Balaam took that direction, it was his wish but I have no any issues with him. I respect him and I know he is a big friend of mine.

He distanced himself from the allegations that Balaam has banned him and others from singing on any NRM events over poor and bad personal conduct in public. He explained he has been in NRM even before public knew of it and he will still stand a firm supporter of NRM other factors held constant.


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