A Pass trolls Fresh Daddy, asks Bebe Cool to delete his verse, again


By Ahmad Muto
Over a week ago, the conversation in entertainment circles was the two coronavirus songs by arch rivals – Bebe Cool’s all star Corona Distance and Bobi Wine’s collaboration with Nubian Li. However, what angered A Pass was his expectations getting thrashed when a song he gave 100% turned out to have Fresh Daddy as one of the artistes. He has since expressed disappointment, asking Bebe Cool to remove his verse from the song as he now prefers Bobi Wine’s. It should be remembered that just a day after the song was released, A Pass trashed Bebe Cool’s saying it is a weak one, applauding Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee’s effort as a better song that has since gone viral. If it was possible, he would rather have cut and pasted his verse on Bobi Wine’s. He tweeted: “Zero zero zero Tegigwayo Uncle Bebe ate nakayimbako nzijamu give me back my verse njise mukayimba ka Bobi wazanye dirty/ he did me dirty.”


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