Fan requests singer Spice Diana for sex


By Musa Ssemwanga

From Daddy Andre to now Spice Diana, sexual harassment has continued to be a part of the Ugandan music industry.

A male fan recently showed his interest of having a share of Singer Spice Diana’s parts via Snap Chat.

However, his harassment technique came with a reward of an iPhone 11.

This did not excite the Bajikona singer but rather frustrated her hence showering tones of insults towards him.

“An iPhone does not move me anymore. In fact I can buy myself as many as possible. I am focused on more productive things like cement and sand,” she replied.

“And who tells you that I am a sex worker. Please visit your usual places where you normally find them not on my page.”

Another fan however did notbuy her excuse, but rather pinned her for dressing inappropriately reason men are sexually abusing her.

Months back, Buganda Road Court dismissed the case against Brian Isiko a student of YMCA who had been accused of harassing Kabarole District Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwogo through love messages.

In her petition, the legislator alleged that Isiko had repeatedly sent her lustful love messages between late 2017 and June 2018, which had disturbed her peace of mind.

In July 2018, Brian Isiko was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail before he appealed the judgment through his lawyers in High Court.


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