Nina Roz quits boombark for another Label


By Musa Ssemwanga

The pencil thin Kibuli born and raised singer has again left her known record label for a new one.
Nina Roz who first came to scene under the guardianship of Jeff Kiwa under Team No Sleep (TNS) has now quit Boom Bark Records.
The Rubaga based label has for the last two years managed the Olumya Bano singer hence outing a few hit singles.
However, news from a reliable source reaching our desk is that, she has joined a new Label called Sure Events.
The record label is also known for organising music concerts across the country and is now responsible for her bookings and promotion.
Owned by a one Isma, it is said that the record label has already started with a big budget video Ntinka which is already on rotation on different media paltforms.
Reasons for her quitting are not yet known but there is a rumour making rounds that the owner of Boom Bark records a one Ronnie run bankrupt and could not manage her.
The new management has also rented her an apartment, bought her a car and on top of hiring a professional team to help her up her career.


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