Quarantine zibs: Sheila Gashumba runs out of make up


By Musa Ssemwanga

Locked down somewhere around town in a posh apartment with her on and off boyfriend, Sheilah Gashumba is now the true definition of the famous phrase ‘ Enyumba Ojiwulira’.

Like most girls, the pencil thin Iconic ambassador can not live without her lip gloss, foundation and extended eye lashes in this quarantine.

Not even the famous saying that “Beauty is not about make up, it is from within,” could sink in her brains .

She started with texting, calling whoever cares to text back and pick up her calls about the disaster.

With literally no positive response from all the above, she took to her snap chat and posted to seek out for more help.

“Anyone on here selling make up and can deliver now!” she posted

Last year Sheila Gashumba started on her fashion shop known as ‘Gash Glam’ in Kampala to design ladies.

Gash Glam store had been an online delivery store, but was moved to Crane Plaza basement Room B16 and it dealt in ladies fashion.

Some of her followers on social media asked what had happened to her shop.


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