Furious Salvado threatens to call the police on Aganaga


By Ahmad Muto
Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado has asked those around singer Khalifa Aganaga to check on him after the singer accused him of stealing his YouTube channel. According to Salvado, he is not even an active YouTube user, but his problem started when he offered to help the singer recover his channel from his handler who had taken full charge over payment. He implied that it is the same handler in charge of his accounts and has no problem with him. 
Sebbo pay your handler, how come Zaake and myself have no problem with him, once you pay him you will get your account. I wanted to help you get it without first clearing…” he wrote. Now he has warned Aganaga against what he called Juju threats because he is going to involve his legal team and the Police.
“Sending me Juju threats is just funny, I urge you to please to stop and work on paying the guy otherwise I will involve my legal team and Uganda Police Force which I do not want, so get your house in order and pay your guy. I do not even need your apology anymore for trying to tarnish my name. Get yourself together before you go crazy Emma Carlos get your boy in order please.”


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