Grow cassava instead of begging – Pr. Ssempa attacks artistes


By Hussein Kiganda

While some artists and entertainers have made it a habit to beg for help from government during the lockdown, Pastor Martin Ssempa thinks it is wrong.

The self-styled critic has told musicians to stop begging for help and set up strategies for their future by diving into agriculture. He called upon them to also join him in growing cassava and other crops for their wellbeing instead of depending on music only.

“I even wonder why those artists are always begging for help. They should now learn from this and try to do other things that will benefit them. They should come and grow cassava and other crops. You see now, I am enjoying myself here. Others are crying of food but I have it in plenty…,” he advised.

The pastor also taunted other pastors who love the limelight by calling them opportunists.  He said that some of them just want to be recognized by the public but behind the doors, they are not actually ready to help.

“I am not like some pastors who show off here and there and even in donation, they want to be mentioned by the public that they have donated and contributed. Anyway, I thank them for having contributed to this cause…,” he said.


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