Faded Singer Kaddo stings Bebe Cool


By Hussein Kiganda

If there is any artist in Uganda who needs an award for being a stepping stone to artists, Bebe Cool should be that guy.

Every cat and dog cat easily berates him and he goes away in silence. The only thing he will do is to advise them to do this or that in order to work hard.

Having been stung by the likes of Aganaga, King Saha, A pass and many more, another artist called Gift Of Kaddo has joined the wagon. During an interview on a city TV, he mentioned the fact that he does not respect Bebe Cool since he has no any sense.

“Bebe Cool does not reason well. Actually he is nonsense. I do not respect him at all…,”

Gift of Kaddo

When he was asked how his beef with the “nkuliyo singer” he replied that it is because the Gagamel boss can not write songs for himself and he does not give ground and chance for young artists to succeed.

“I am not attacking him but he is just nothing. He can not write his music yet I have written all my songs. He has been there for long but he does not give chance to upcoming artists to rise…,”

But anyway, the pain of being faded is such a wicked one that all the time one is always here and there blaming his failure on others and regretting the mistakes he made while on top of the game.

The “traffic man officer” singer seems to be seeking for a comeback and the pains of being faded and not being recognized seems to drive him crazy that he even wants the public to remember him as a legend. If the word “Legend” had arms, it would have punched him up for such an insult. The singer said he wanted to be remember like a legend.

“I want to be remembered like a legend because I sing good music….,” he said.


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