Covid-19: WHO wants Football suspended until 2021


AS the Premier League desperately hopes for a restart on June 8, the World Health Organisation reportedly wants football suspended until the end of NEXT season.

According to UK Sun online, English football chiefs are tentatively eyeing a return to training by maybe mid-May – while the WHO are pondering how to stop a second wave of coronavirus.

And Italian paper La Repubblica say the WHO told Uefa they want all games stopped for 18 months.

Although for now this might be considered only a debating point, it will still be a huge shock for many clubs already facing potential financial ruin if just the CURRENT campaign was not played out.

Meanwhile, a medical specialist has suggested Prem players should wear masks if this season resumes.

Dr Rowland Kao, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “Masks tend not to protect you but protect others.

“They prevent aerosol spray but leaves open fomite transmission — putting your hand to your mouth or your face and then wiping it somewhere else, like a doorknob.”

Elsewhere, Arsenal players feel they have been strong-armed into accepting a pay cut by the club.

Some are also unhappy with top-earner Mesut Ozil being vilified for refusing to agree to the proposal.

Ozil’s agent Erkut Sogut said: “A club might ask a manager to negotiate with players who fear there might be repercussions if he does not agree.

“In those circumstances it could be questionable that any consent would be legally binding.” 


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