Bebe Cool to feature on “We Are One Africa” online concert


By Hussein Kiganda

Many online concerts have been making rounds on social media and at the moment this is the new trend. In a bid to fight Covid19, some artists all around Africa have been drafted together to be part of an online concert that will take place on 16th May to 30th may this year.

Singer Bebe Cool, Big size is part of them. He told his fans on a certain TV in Kenya that the show is meant to communicate and sensitize the African masses on how to avoid and eliminate Covid19.

“As musicians, we are coming to gather to be able to communicate the importance of following what the ministries of our countries asked us to do and to emphasize social distancing and washing hands so that our fans can be safe…,” he explained.

All the benefits from this show are said to be given to AMREF Health Covid19 Crisis Response Fund that is responsible for fighting against the disease in Africa.

Many music fans around Africa are eagerly waiting to see this concert and for Ugandans, who love to make comedy out of everything, let’s wait and see what they will make up.


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