Eddy Kenzo blasted over “Greedy Government” post


By Hussein Kiganda

Edrisa Musuza a.k.a Eddy Kenzo, who is now turning into a famous blogger according to some online friends, has been trashed over a thorny post on his social media handles.

The artiste showed his dissatisfaction in a video which hit social media showing how a jilted soldier shoot dead two people in broad day light.

“I saw footage of LDU shooting a boda-boda guy and a pregnant woman in Masaka. This shows that we are no longer brothers and sisters. Those who betray us are always amongst us. There are greedy people in this country. Let us leave them to eat, one time God shall have mercy on us and everything shall be okay…,” he wrote.

Interestingly, fans blasted him and said he is also among the greedy since he accepted a “bribe” from the government he was lambasting in form of an expensive Toyota Land cruiser, V8

“If you managed to take the car they gave you, it means you accepted Ugandans to be killed. You are the same people stopping Ugandans from being happy. When they give you, you then praise them…,” one wrote.

“Don’t speak rubbish. That’s the same government that gave you the car you have….,” Kisitu Ivan Richards wrote.

“Are you not the same person who praised them?…,” Nimrod Bent wrote.


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