We are too old to beef- Bebe Cool on Bobi Wine


By Hussein Kiganda

Like the beef between Notorious BIG and 2Pac, the Ugandan music industry has had Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.

The two have been at loggerheads for a very long time singing songs that sting and mock one another.

Talking to a Kenyan Television station yesterday, Bebe Cool said that their beef with Bobi Wine has been there for about twenty years thought it has never been too worse.  He highlighted that even though they are at loggerheads, they are all trying to develop Uganda through different forums.

Bebe Cool says his beef with Bobi wine is a thing of the past

“He is an artiste and a politician and I am just an artiste. We have always been rivals for the past 20 years.  When he joined opposition politics he made it worse. I am pro government and he is opposition. Our competition has always been stiff but I am glad that it has never gone to the worst. Today as we speak, we are old men.

We forego what is happening between us and we look at what is most important in building our country and better it from all angles. He chooses politics, trying to improve whatever he claims through politics and I also do through music to see that Uganda is a better place and the music industry is a better industry for young people to benefit…,” Bebe Cool said.

He also urged the artists in Uganda to believe in the government in power. In Uganda, most of the artists do not show any belief in the political leaders of their areas and mostly in the countries president. It is only a few that are pro government and even those who show that they are pro government, it is said that they are looking at Sevo’s money bag.

Bebe Cool called upon all artists to start believing in their political leaders because they are the ones who have the money to develop the industry. He also stressed the fact that it was the president who gave him some money to add up and make his music studio.

“The president gave me some support to add on what I had to make the studio.  It is the world of politics that has money but artists do not believe in what we (government) do. People like I and others in Uganda had to work had to make a platform in order to be recognized by the people on politics. Now artists are big enough to find a sit on the big table with politicians…,” he explained.


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