Bobi Wine’s online concert lives up to hype, marred by poor network


By Hussein Kiganda

Former self-proclaimed ghetto president now president of the people power movement Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine never let mother’s day miss his sweet voice.

On Sunday, he organized a VIP online show at his home in Magere, Wakiso district. 

With decoration, lighting and sound on point, the anticipation was high by 8pm.

Singing with his long-time friend and all time collabo partners, Nubian Li, the two played around their voices producing sweet vocals in a live band mode that held their fans captive on the show till it ended.

The song that moved their fans’ souls up and down was “super woman” which he recorded years ago.

However, unlike his other shows which were interrupted by men in Khahki uniforms, this one was disrupted by poor network albeit peaking at close to 30,000 viewing fans.

The live concert attracted close to 30,000 fans

 As the show went on, many of his fans were complaining of the network, saying that the internet had interfered in their freedom to watch their hero singing for their mothers.

 Many were seen in the comment section blaming it on the government and others thinking it was their internet bundles that had got over. Others opted to leave the show and wait to watch it on YouTube the next day.

“Mr President, I report to you the bad network that almost made me miss the show. I nearly destroyed my phone but I will watch the show tomorrow on YouTube…, “Andrew K Lukyamuzi wrote in a comment.

After the show, the ghetto gladiator apologized for having a poor network and promised them better network next time as he joked around their payment telling them that they shall pay in the coming shows which many showed that it was not a problem to them as long as they watched him.

” Your online attendance was amazing(naye olulala mujja kusasula) We apologize for the glitches in our internet but we promise you an interrupted version of the show on my YouTube channel by tomorrow…, ” he wrote.


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