Crysto Panda Dares Mc Kats to Battle

MC Kats insists he is the Number One.

By Hussein Kiganda

Edwin Katamba a.k.a Mc Kats who hosts one of the famous TV shows in the city is probably the best emcee that Uganda has ever had. His success has won him a title, “King Of The Mic” in a concert he organized years back. Since then, he has been the only emcee who calls himself King Of The Mic.

Well, it seems that his reign has come to an end. A one Crysto Panda, one of the new emcees on the block is challenging Mc Kats. The young emcee now calls himself the New King of the mic.

On social media, his fans have been pumping in him a belief that he is better than MC Kats but others think that he is too young to rate himself in the same league as MC Kats.

The “kyolina okumya” singer is not afraid of anything though. He seems too confident to take on any battle in emceeing.

Crysto Panda, one of the new emcees on the block is challenging Mc Kats to a battle

Talking to one of the TV stations in the city, he dared MC Kats to an emceeing battle which he is confident of winning. He said that he was not afraid of anyone and if there was anyone who thought that he was not the new king of the mic, he should come out for a battle.

” yes, I call myself the New King of the mic because I believe I am. I am not afraid of anyone, if there is anyone who is ready to go to battle with me, I am very ready. Of course there have been others calling themselves king of the mic but I am now the new King of the Mic…,” he bragged.

However, MC Kacheche, one of the famous emcees from Western Uganda, told Kampala Sun that Panda is too young to dare MC Kats for a battle.

Laughing on top of his voice at the topic, he told us that the young emcee Crysto Panda is king of high school promos and high school parties but not nation wide King of the mic. “Hehehehe!!! he is too young for MC Kats. He is King of High school promo parties but not King of Mic. He needs to first battle up High School Mcz , later to Olla , then to us and then to MC Kats…,” Kacheche


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