Sheebah unveils new song online

Sheebah has a Covid-19 song out (Photo: Instagram)

By Hussein Kiganda

The Covid19 pandemic seems to have given many artists recording time but video shooting time is limited. As other artists enjoy their beds and others relax at home with their lovers preparing to contribute to a boom mass delivery of babies in december, other serious artists are busy making use of the internet to release songs and make shows here and there.

Over the weekend, Sheebah premiered her new track, “Nakyuka” which was played by an online Deejay called Bobby Lubega. She later posted part of the video on her social media handles requesting her fans to get the video on his YouTube channel.

The video she recorded was of her dancing and slaying in her mansion as many viewers on Facebook just admired and loved the lyrics. Many of her fans liked the video because of its creativity since it was shot from home. Many of them asked other artists to also shoot from their homes since the audience was becoming fade up with only audios.

“Dope one! kati even other artists can record videos from home. We are tired of only audios. You guys have compounds, you can dance and social distance from there and one home can be used for many videos because directors can change the whole place…,” Shannie Sparks wrote.

” Corona really taught us that even our homes can be so perfect for shooting videos,” Hanifa Lamunu wrote.

We asked director Edrine Paul of Future Trends Print to know if shooting from home was possible and he told us that it is  as long as the artist’s home is not a rental in the ghetto to make him lose respect.

“It is very possible of course, but the bad thing is that some artists in Uganda live in some rentals in the ghetto so how will they record the videos from their homes? We can go there and organise the places to  create beautiful scenes and shoots as long as the artists want it…,” Edrine Paul said.

So for those who do not have beautiful homes, will they really release videos if the pandemic continues for the whole year?


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