Star QT’s Stella Nankya loses only son


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For two hours, she clutched her son’s lifeless body rocking it back and forth like she would bring him back to life. 

Heart breaking as the scene played out at the South African based hospital, the administration had to get the body from her to the morgue for post-mortem.  

When the reality set in, South African based Ugandan businesswoman, Stella Nankya was thrown in a frenzied feat.   She had lost her son, an only boy among four girls, just a few hours after losing her paternal grandmother- who raised her to realize her present wealth and fortune.

Stella Nankya’s daughters pose for a picture with their brother Trillion Collins Semakula who sadly passed on (Photo: Courtesy)

Stella Nankya is the proprietor of the Star QT brand which is behind the Star QT Awards, Star QT Clothing Line, and Star QT Events.  It is the awards, which stand out for exuding so much glee in South Africa and on the continent.  

According to SA based sources, for all her fame and fortune, all Nankya could do was stare in the sky and ask God, “Why me?”

Three weeks shy of making two years, Trillion Collins Semakula, born June 12, 2018 passed on last week on May 4, 2020 in a South African hospital where he had been taken after developing an infection. 

In Loving memory: Stella Nankya’s son Trillion Collins Semakula

The pain is palpable in Nankya’s posts. Smarting from the loss, she is yet to come to terms with despair drawing in with each post.

“If I could have one wish in life, it would be that God would take my pain away and send you back to me. You were my only son and I want you to know how deeply I missed you,” She wrote.

Close friends who have been comforting her at her Johannesburg based home tell The Kampala Sun that Stella and her family are devastated and heart broken.  They have asked for privacy during this incredibly difficult time. 


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