Covid-19 hunger: Video Vixens cry out

Quin Mona, the head of the Vixens says only Balaam has come to her rescue. (Photo: Courtesy)

By Hussein Kiganda

In most of the music videos in Uganda, it is certain that 95% of them have video vixens and these are people that make the video look gorgeous and appealing to eyes of the viewers. When one sees these beautiful angels twisting their bodies and dazzling their eyes like a chameleon ready to mate, you may think these are beings that have made it all in life.

 As several people remember their own in this lockdown, these seem to have been forgotten. Many are claiming to be going through a tough time since the lockdown took course because they have not been shooting videos of recent. Their would -be saviours are the video directors but these too have not been working.

Talking to Kampala Sun, Quin Mona, the believed to be head of the vixens in Uganda, said that her fellow vixens were not well and needed help. She said that their employers, the video directors had not yet come to their rescue though promoter Balaam had given her ten kilograms of rice which are only enough for her.

The video vixens have come out to complain about being ignored during the Covid-19 lockdown (photo: Internet)

“The truth is that we have not yet received anything from the directors. It is only Balaam who has given me just 10kgs of rice and he told me they are mine, as me. I do not know how you are going to help us but we are not fine. There is a group I heard that directors made.

Sasha Vybz and some other directors contributed some money but many others have not yet contributed. I have talked to presenters and other people but nothing has changed…,” Quin Mona said.

However, when we talked to Keni Heights, the Public relations officer of the Uganda Cinematographers Association, in which video directors fall, he said that directors were gathering some money but this was to help only their fellow directors who are new in the business.

“We are actually trying to mobilize money for our own directors. They are not working and so they also need our help. We sat down and looked at vixens, light and reflector holders, editors and many other people who work with us but we reached at a conclusion that if we look broadly at it, we shall not manage.

So we decided to help our own other directors who are new in this. The other people have got their own associations so I think they can also help one another…,” Keni Heights explained.


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