Clever J cancels online show, claims network error


By Hussein Kiganda
Having come back from the silence that had forced him into brick laying, Gerald Muwonge a.k.a Clever J also thought of entertaining his fans in this lockdown period, only to be limited by network. As he performed, a few days ago, the network kept on disturbing his Facebook handle until he decided to let it go. His show which he had at first called “Clever J Live” sent his critics into happiness celebrating his failure.
He later apologised for having cancelled the show and promised to do it again the following day which he never did.
“My friends, I apologise to you because of the network that stopped me from fulfilling the promise, but tomorrow I will be live here though I do not know the time, but in Jesus’ name, I will fulfill the promise,” he wrote on his social media handles.
Some of his fans became angry and warned him that if he does not perform the next day, they did not know what they would do to him.
“….pray hard brother kuba… when you do not appear tomorrow…,” Albrezzy Legacy warned.
However, many of the online promoters took to their social media handles that the Manzi wanani hit maker was a coward. They claim that he did not cancel the show because of network, but small viewership which they claim was not even 50 viewers.
“Also Clever J had a live concert yesterday… views did not make it to 50 in 30 minutes and he cancelled it claiming that network was disturbing him…,” promoter Byfar Thirteen wrote in criticism.
We are however not certain on whether it was network or the views. Even the day he had promised to redo the live show elapsed when he had not done it.


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