Crysto Panda welcomes first child


By Joan Murungi
Herbert Kityamuweesi famously known as Crysto Panda has welcomed his new born baby to the world.
Speaking to The Kampala Sun, the NTV T Nation presenter revealed how he can no longer hide the excitement since the new born baby has totally changed his life.
“It is a baby girl. Ebyekiyaye mbitade. I now need to focus on my child. She needs to be raised better by her father.”
However, Crysto Panda did not unveil the baby’s mother. 
“The mother does not want to be disclosed. However, I am so happy to share a birthday with my baby girl. I named her Aylin Danah Nakyanzi.”
He adds that Nakyazi was born in Saudi Arabia and that is where she is currently staying with the mother in this lockdown period.


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