Leila Kayondo’s facebook page hacked


By Musa Ssemwanga

All is not well for the Nyumirwa singer who lost her business face book page to hackers last week.

Leila Kayondo who owns a boutique in Kabalagala days back had her L_kay kollection fashion Facebook page hacked.
The hacker posted pictures of ex-convict and lover SK Mbuga with intimate captions which shocked her fans.

Good Morning from My lovely Hajji, Big Papa I miss you so much. Were some of the captions accompanied with Mbuga’s pictures that the hacker posted .

In her defense, Leila was quick to post that “Please family and friends. This quarantine boy or man is really crazy. Please ignore all the nonsense he is posting. Thank you.”
Leila Kayondo’s lamenting comes months after Brenda Nanyonjo, the Miss Uganda Franchise CEO complained about the loss of her instagram account to hackers.


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