You are big headed – fans blast Kenzo


By Hussein Kiganda
When the lockdown took its course, the Tweyagale singer had gone to Ivory Coast to perform and practice ahead of his Eddy Kenzo Festival which was to be held a few days later. The borders were closed and the airports were closed too and this left him stranded abroad. Despite the attempts to request the Government accept him to come back home, the awamidu lemidu lesidu slogan maker was not accepted to come back home even though African football legend had offered him a free private jet to jet him into the country.
Yesterday, the Government approved a list of people that it would evacuate from the U.S.A and this angered many who said that it only caters for the rich and leaves out the other Ugandan citizens. Many Ugandans were saddened by this and among them was Eddy Kenzo who took to his social media handles to express his sadness.
As soon as he posted, some of his fans on his page told him that he should sit down and relax because he chose to support the same government which had sidelined his life from rescue and only cater for those it thinks are important since he is not. One fan blasted him that he is big headed since he chose to fly out of the country even when he heard that the pandemic had broke out.
“I understand what you are going through Eddy! What I do not understand is why you chose to travel out of Uganda amidst the tension of the pandemic which started when you were still here in Uganda! You are simply big headed brother because you think money is everything! Obulamu bwebugagga!” Tom James Aisu replied to Kenzo’s “I am sad” post.
Bambi! And worse still, the Government you said is OK is selectively allowing its important citizens home. Keep praying, God is great,” Lydia Drijaru wrote.
“That is the Government that persuaded you to betray your mentor, hope God has given you another chance to choose good over evil,” Nsereko Gerald wrote.


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