Fameica frustrated by followers ignoring him

Fik Fameica

By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Fik Fameica has a lot of time on his hands with this Covid-19 lock down that he has started noticing things that were trivial during his busy days. He took to Twitter to question why despite his huge following – over 98,000, less than a quarter of them interact with him and his tweets. He asked in a tone of frustration wondering if they are fake, “People who follow and do not react, are you fake accounts?”

Some of his followers though, answered him fast, turning it around, telling him they do not interact with him because he does not follow back and tweets once in a while.

“We do not come across your tweets,you do not follow us, you expect us to react,” tweeted one of his followers.

Another asked him what he has done in this lock down to deserve their reaction, like giving out free data. “Have you given them free data with this lock down.”

It is important to note that Fameica is one of the brands that are not big on Twitter – tweets once in a while and most times retweeting tweets where he is tagged and does not really provoke their followers’ opinions.


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