Muhoozi annoys People Power claiming they copied his beret

Bobi Wine was very critical of Eric Sakwa and predicted his downfall

By Ahmad Muto

The senior presidential advisor for Special Operations and first son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who has lately taken to throwing subtle jabs on Twitter has thrown one at singer and politician Bobi Wine’s pressure group, People Power. He claims they copied his beret that he introduced to the UPDF in both design and colour wondering, why they cannot come up with their own.

He tweeted: “’People Power’ we just laugh! You have always tried to be like me, but you cannot. Copying my beret that I introduced to the UPDF, poorly trying to copy me. Why don’t you coin your own beret? The maroon/red beret is ours. Muhoozi and Afande Saleh!”

However, tweeps and Bobi Wine’s fans did not clap for him for creating the beret, but clapped back in numbers. Questioning his tweets lately, why he isn’t tweeting about Covid-19 instead while one called him a mummy’s boy.

@davidomollo619 replied: “I have not had a face to face interaction with you save for the few times I have cast a glance. But the kind of tweets here paint a picture of shallowness sorry to say so in such troubled times we need solutions to survive Corona, but a serving top General is busy politicking.”

@SKigaani replied: “But a General tweeting about irrelevant topics mbu copying the red beret bra bra, at your age he was already president @KagutaMuseveni, and I am certain that you will not get replied by the Kamwokya man.”

@MoniqueShix replied: “@HEBobiwine is a self-made internationally recognised revolutionary. You are 46 years old and still asking your mother for pocket money. Even your wife was chosen for you. #OverGrownBaby #PeoplePowerOurPower.”


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