Uganda’s Gabriel K joins Nollywood


By Musa Ssemwanga

The Done Waiting singer is now into movies and hoping to give Nigerian actors headache and a run for their money.

From defying all odds and singing at an early stage, Gabriel K has lived out his dreams to becoming a fast-rising music sensation and an astute business man in the entertainment industry.

The Ugandan based father of three doubles as a successful businessman with interests in advertising franchises.

He is also well known for amazing songs with classy videos such as Ndi Wuwe, It is okay, Not ready for Goodbye, We just want love, Never let you go, Mirundi Mingi.

On why he is joining Nollywood, the reserved singer said that his aim is to make a difference and possibly take over as one of the best actors out there.

“Nollywood is no doubt the largest entertainment and movie industry in Africa. They have lots of talented stars with global recognition.”

Nollywood produces about 50 movies per week, second only to India’s Bollywood more than Hollywood in the United States.

NollyWood also generates an impressive $590 millions annually.

He joins other Ugandans like Faridah Ndausi, Stella Nantumbwe who have also had a share of this competitive movie industry.


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