A man who runs from his pregnant wife should not wear trousers – Henry Tigan


By Hussein Kiganda

As it is traditionally said, “That which happens in pleasure later sires pain,” these days, there are very many single mothers many of whom were and are left in labour wards alone to give birth in absence of their husbands and impregnators. In most cases, men do not know what women go through while facing the labour ward so they do not care about them and how they feel, all they do is curve their backs in pleasure and then the seconds of sowing the seeds elapses, they do not know that they have to go for weeding and pruning. All they are pleased with is the harvesting time.

Most of the slay kings around the city have now won themselves a popular name,”sperm donars” which explains how they do not care about the outcomes of the sex routines they make. Most of these impregnate slay queens in town whom they dump and leave helpless.

Talking to a TV station in town, Henry Tony Kirumaganyi also known as Henry Tigan who had looked  after her pregnant wife and escorted her to the hospital, labelled slay kings as manless and therefore should not even wear trousers to fit in the league of men.

“Women go through a lot of things. We men claim that we get too many hardships in looking for money, but for these women, it is worse. Women have a battle to fight in the labour ward. A man should be there to help her out and support her from the time she becomes pregnant. Any man who does not do that is not a man. He should actually not wear trousers…,” he said.

This came after his wife had given birth to twins a few days ago. The Webale Mukama singer said since he had given birth to twins, he was going to resort to becoming a typical responsible man to avoid being punished by the traditions. According to African tradition, when a father of twins adulterates, he is burnt by the gods.


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