Justin Nameere withdraws all cases against Faridah Nakazibwe


By Musa Ssemwanga

This comes after the feud between the two former workmates taking a drastic twist a while ago.

Nameere exposed Faridah in a Facebook video that she was fooled by her ex-lover Umalu Ssali.

Just recently while appearing on a certain television interview, Nameere further accused Faridah of emotional torture and depression.

“I was hurt. I had to deal with depression, torment, and family issues because of Faridah Nakazibwe’s accusations,” she said when asked how she felt after the allegations.

It should be remembered that Justin and Faridah got involved in a social media war way back in 2016.

This started with Faridah accusing Nameere of using pseudo Facebook accounts to pass false allegations about her relationship with Umalu Ssali.

Nameere responded by threatening to drag Nakazibwe to the Courts of Law and demanded a sum of sh500m from her for defamation and tarnishing her image.

However, on Sunday and in a long Facebook post, the failed politician shocked the world with a forgiving post.

In the post, she exposed how relieved she felt of having no hover and ill feelings against anyone particularly Nakazibwe.

She also reveals how she instructed her lawyers to with draw all the cases that were proceeding against the morning show television presenter.

“It is time to move on from this issue that was started by a senseless dishonest person who fooled Faridah Nakazibwe.

I forgive you Faridah. Moving forward I hold nothing against you!

The post also read:

Forgiveness is something very creative and goes beyond the existing facts. It recognises the deeper goodness in people, despite what they have done.

There is no forgiveness if one wants punishment. Forgiveness means pardoning and letting go completely! It requires great grace to forgive. To wrong is human, to forgive is divine!

The good thing is that the truth is out there! I believe the truth came out because God chose to bring out the truth… continued the post.


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