Kian Banks to headline Hipipo awards


By Hussein Kiganda
As the Covid19 disruption continues to mingle the entertainment industry all over the world, the award ceremonies around the globe seem to be cancelled and others relaxed. Many award ceremonies from different countries are not even considering going virtual unlike Uganda’s HiPipo awards which are due on May 29 this year.
The HiPipo awards are said to go virtual since it is not possible to gather in one place and hold a large gathering to witness the giving out of awards. The ceremony is going to be headlined by big guns Sheebah Karungi, Roden Y Kabako, Kenneth Mugabi, Triplets Ghetto Kids and Kian Banks that will entertain viewers online.
However, it has been a surprise to many that rapper Kian Banks is also on the list of the headliners because many see him as an underground rapper just like Babaluku. Some people seem not to know the lugaflow sensation, but for those who know him, he is a talent to watch.
Talking to The Kampala Sun, the Night and Day hit maker said that it is hard work that put him on the list of those to headline however much some people think he may have joined TNS in order to make it, which he denied.

“I am not in TNS, it is just hard work and God’s Blessings then having good work,” the rapper said.
Kian Banks’ lyrical voice is the one behind songs like Africa featuring Henry Tigan which was nominated by HiPipo years ago. He also did Taliyo with Henry Tigan, Gwe aliko with Geosteady, Night and day with King Saha, Freedom with Shidy Stylo, Twenyumirwa with King Saha and Ziza Bafana as well as singles like Konoweeka, Ananagiza, Bali Mukutya and many others which won him the name muzukulu wansamba.
What is running on people’s minds is whether the rapper is fit to be on the list or not. As many argue on the growing debate, we are going to take a keen eye on his performance on 29th to see if he was worth it.


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