Secrets behind John Blaq, manager’s fight revealed


By Kampala Sun Writer

Singer John Blaq parted ways with former manager Norman Kitti and it seems the two parties have already moved on with Blaq being currently managed by Cathy Parka his said girlfriend and Kitti signing female artiste Martha Mukisa. It is alleged that their split started after the success of the Aya bass concert that happened a few months ago. According to a close source, Blaq chose to leave his management after he realised that all the money he had been making from his  social media accounts was being enjoyed by his management. The source revealed that a few weeks back, Norman had agreed to hand over all  accounts and the two parties had agreed on the date to meet. The situation however got out of hand when John Blaq showed up at black records studio with bouncers demanding his accounts. It is from there that he threatened to involve his lawyers.

Some of the accounts John is asking for formally belonged to Black records label and all they did was switch names from black records to John Blaq’s. It is only the Facebook page that was created with his name. Norman was ready to hand over everything but things changed when Blaq showed up with bouncers at the studio a day before the d-day. He threatened his former management with lawyers to which they agreed and he was tasked to come with his lawyer on Monday. We were however surprised when he showed up with police on Saturday and they arrested Norman though he was released after police realised there was no case.” Source revealed.

“For the last six months, he has been performing at events, but his management has not been in charge. He does not have any documentations that shows the handles belong to him. Him and the management always worked on mutual understanding because even when he was asked to sign contracts, Blaq always refused and told his manager to trust him blindly with promises of never denouncing them,” the source added. Asked to clarify on the rumour about a woman separating the two, the source said the only woman separating the two is Cathy Paka, John Blaq’s girlfriend and said new manager.

“After Cathy got involved in Blaq’s business, Blaq started asking for more shares in Black records label. He wanted to own more shares from the 20% he owned. That could not be possible under any circumstances. He says his management has been cheating him, but Blaq should be reminded that they bought him land worth sh90m, bought him a car, paid his rent and Cathy Paka’s rent, funded his lifestyle and they have been building a four bedroom house for his family in Jinja. Fine! He feels cheated but he does not own even the name John Blaq. How else did he think his management would survive?” the source said.


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