Dorothy Shonga finds new love


By Musa Ssemwanga

On Monday, the Malawi born and raised socialite celebrated her new age (30) and many of her fans plus celebrities came out to wish her a blissful born day.

This same day, she shocked her fans in a Facebook post which had a picture of her and a man whose head was wrapped in a white bathroom towel.

In simple wording, the sayings and captions to this picture could easily describe how she felt, in love.

“Love is a beautiful thing wen u have a lover who loves u real and wonderful wen u have a lover who understands u.neva accept less than u deserve’

kingbae ….read the caption.

Dalton Kays one of her followers on Facebook commented “I cover this relationship in the precious blood of Jesus Christ’ forcing the socialite to reply with ‘Amen’.

Our source in Malawi told our reporter that she has been seeing some one for almost three years now.

But it was last year on September 22 that she first posted this lucky guy on her Instagram timeline.

On the said post that had ‘Baby’ as the caption, she posted a picture of her and a guy working out as a couple in a gym.

Three months ago, the mother of three divorced her husband Herbert after years of cheating allegations.


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