Back off my page haters – OS Suuna spits


By Hussein Kiganda

Looking at several artists being trashed on their own social media handles, OS Suuna, Aganaga, Bebe Cool and Big Eye are topping the list. Several social media onlookers trash artists by sending abusive comments on their posts and handles. In some cases, fans who criticise and abuse these artists do not get away from it well, at times they are blasted back. The most recent artist to talk about being harassed on social media is OS Suuna who claimed that his haters were going way beyond.

Appearing on a certain TV in the city, Omulangira Suuna told all  those on his social media pages, who did not love him to quit it and stop following him instead of abusing him. He also said that if he had power to electrify them, he would.

“I am now telling all haters on my pages to back off. Firstly, I never called any of those haters to my page. Just because they have got phones of 80k which have bigger screens does not mean that they can come on my page and attack me from there. If I had electricity to electrify them through social media, I would punish them. All those who are on my platforms and they do not like me should leave them right now…,” he said.

According to a certain online news outlet, Winnie Nwagi is also said to have blasted fans who trolled her over her fashion sense. She told them to mind their businesses and she would put on outfits that angered them more as long as they were her taste.

Muli babimwa byammwe wabula… U do not scare me no more. I hv more fits in my closet for u to go hang… And I will wear however I want depending on how I feel… It’s my life u know…,” the outlet quoted her.

In a TV interview, some weeks ago, the Magic singer also highlighted that she would not keep quiet if a fan blasted her on social media because she is also human and can feel the pain like any other person.

“You cannot come on my social media handles and you abuse me and think that I will not counter you. You abuse me, I do the same…,” she said.


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