John Blaq moves on, creates new Instagram page


By Musa Ssemwanga

A few days after his split with the old management, John Blaq seems to be fast-moving on already.

The Hullo Hullo singer has created a new Instagram page in the names of ‘New John Blaq’. (John Blaq Official new page).

The new page has so far garnered 138 followers compared to the 316k page he lost to the old management days back.

“As you know all my social media accounts were taken, so now I created new accounts.”

“Please family let us make them fear by following my new accounts. Thanks,” read his new page Bio.

The new page also changed from the known contacts to new contacts in regards to the artist’s bookings.

At the start of this week, every one including the media came up with their own theories on allegations about the singers split with Black Magic records his former management.

The allegation that strongly stood out most was that the Makanika singer chose to leave his management after he realised that all the money he had been making from his  social media accounts was being enjoyed by his management.

His former management is said to have confiscated both his Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram accounts which forced the singer into sermoning them.


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