Old Budonians donate to school teachers and staff

Food aid collected by Old Budonians to help teachers and staff of kings College Budo during the lockdown. the aid inlcuded eggs, flour, rice and cooking oil. The food aid was handd over on Wednesday at the school.

By Kalungi Kabuye

According to Ernest Kavulu, Head Master of Budo Junior School, they had been ‘scratching’ to find sustenance during the lock down imposed as a fight against the spread of covid-19. The teachers and staff of the school had been left stranded when it was closed and all students sent home in March.

“Like all schools, we depend a lot on school fees,” Kavulu said. “Without that, it was difficult to sustain both the teachers that remained and the non-teaching staff.”

The Old Budonians Club, a body that brings together people that attended both King’s College, Budo and Budo Junior School, came to the rescue. A fund-raising call was sent out to old students of the schools, and in the space of one week, over sh15m was raised.

Old Budonians from as far as Australia, UK and the US, answered the call, and as a result 242 teachers and staff (182 from King’s College, and 60 from Budo Junior) were given a package to help then see through the lock down.

The packages were handed over on Wednesday morning both at King’s College, Budo and Budo Junior School. Each teacher and staff got a tray of eggs, wheat flour, maize flour, cooking oil, groundnuts, rice and UHT milk.

The President of the Old Budonians Club, Jimmy Rodgers Katende, praised the giving spirit of Budonians, and pledged on their behalf to always be ready to help when needed.

“This crisis has hit everybody hard, but there are those it has hit harder than most,” he said. “So it is commendable that we share the little we have with those that do not have anything.”


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