Mendo attacks fellow comedian


By Joan Murungi

Herbert Ssegujja alias Mendo Mpamire is a comedian famously known for mimicking President Museveni’s act.

Being it that he has spent a number of years in the comedy industry, he is disappointed with the way a number of people have become masqueraders in the comedy industry.

To him, he believes it takes so much effort for one to become a comedian and there, one has the right to evade this business.

This comes after a local TV station hosted a one Publicity Natete and branded him as a comedian.

This is something that annoyed Mendo as he called upon the local TV station to respect their profession.

Mujooga! Mujooga! Basajja mwe. Our industry has suffered! Everyone is now referred to as a comedian! Please have respect for comedians or else……,” he threatened.

He went on and said that Publicity Natete is a clown who needs to be nurtured into better ways of becoming a professional comedian.

“This guy needs to attend my comedy classes,” he said.


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