Mondo is amorphous -Nansana comedian attacks Najjera


By Joan Murungi

The beef/battle between Nansana and Najjera is not yet about to end. Of recent, Nansana people have been made a laughing stalk by many over their urban excitement.

Amidst all this saga, people like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Mc Kapala and comedian Kabaata have felt insulted. This is simply because Nansana is a place where they have stayed for all their lifetime.

Comedian Kabaata has come out to reveal how Najjera people have no right to undermine Nansana people.

He adds that Nansana is a place where all the good looking men come from.

“Nansana has portable handsome guys. We are the only men with six packs. Look at Najjera residents like Mondo Mugisha, he has no formula in his growth,” he said.

“There is nothing good about Najjera. All Najjera people are tenants. They do not have their own houses.”


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