Mukono Police warns against mob Justice


By Kampala Sun writer

The Police have strongly warned against acts of violence and mob justice after an old woman’s house was razed to the ground by unknown attackers in suspected hate crime.

A 65 year old Saudah Mukalazi’s home was demolished and she is left homeless as police hunts for the perpetrators.

Sources we spoke to say that Saudah Mukalazi has lived on the property in Ngandu village, Mukono District since the 70’s.  She was shocked to come back from last funeral rites to find her house razed to the ground.

While appealing for help, Saudah Mukalazi, who appeared at a loss of words, has a hint on the perpetrators.  She tells this website that for several years, she and her family has been recipient of threats to leave the village.  

A man stares at the ruins of what used to be Saudah Mukalazi’s home . It was demolished by a mob

This was after one of her sons, Moses Ntambi, was accused of committing an abomination. Ntambi, a former teacher and Red Cross volunteer in the area was accused of spreading homosexuality to school going pupils.   He has since fled but hasn’t stopped the community for hounding her. 

“I was away but when I came back, people were gathered at what used to be my home. I was just told that young men with iron bars, axes and other tools razed my home acting on ‘orders from above’

“The area administrative chief, who was among those present, was overheard saying that that it was time for nonreligious people (Kaffir) such as myself to leave the area, and even challenged me to report to Police,” she tearfully narrates.

She further says that ever since her son was singled out as a recruiter, the homestead has never known peace.  “My son, the sole bread winner was expelled from school over queer claims.  He was once beaten by a mob. They claimed parents had withdrawn their children from the school following his actions. When I reported to Police, I wasn’t helped,” She says.

  She admits she lives in an intolerant neighborhood where people can kill if you are suspected of the vice.

  Saudah’s home is not far from where David Kato was buried.  One of Uganda’s most prominent gay rights activists, he was murdered in his home  in 2011 weeks after winning a court victory over a tabloid that called for queers to be killed.


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