Even petty thieves are trolling my boyfriend – Sheilah


By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has now taken to defending her boyfriend God’s Plan whose entire past has been thrown on social media. Particularly screenshots of online stories written about him over 15 years ago in the UK where he is said to have masterminded the robbery of 100,000 British pounds.

She has called out the trolls telling them that there are those that have been in prison for stealing animals, birds or fired from work for petty theft.

Sheilah wrote: You will find that those posting about the jail story have been to prison for stealing goats and hens from their neighbour Kampala Zabu. Some were even beaten for stealing coins and sugar at home. Or somewhere fired from work for petty stealing.”

However, some of her followers have argued that his jail stories have made him likeable because it is an illustration of how silly mistakes can ruin dreams.

@melvinnasasira tweeted: “Actually, for me, I found him more likeable when he shared his jail story. A testimony that a few silly mistakes can ruin your dream (so, better be smarter), but does not mean you entirely give up on life and other things it has to offer. I think he is a genuine person.”


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