Kenzo tantalised by Free Boy


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has given a stamp of approval to upcoming singer Free Boy’s career after his music collaboration with Winnie Nwagi. Kenzo who is stuck in Ivory Coast has shown appreciation of his talent.

He also says he loves Free Boy’s voice, he has his blessings. He also advised him to humble himself and work hard.

Nwagi who is the other half of the song also got props from Kenzo.

He tweeted: “Eh Bulijo Free Boy muvubuka Nuvumulo banange! 😂 God is great I like his voice bambi. And you have my blessings bro enjoy your self. Just be humble work hard the rest will be history. I love this song bless up Winnie Ngwagi kyana Kya maama. much love from GOLDEN BOY 🇺🇬❤❤❤ #KwataEssimu.”

Kenzo has taken to showing support to young artistes by using his social media following where he shares links to YouTube channels of the acts like he did for Free Boy and Nwagi’s Kwata Essimu.


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