Sit down and relax – Mr Mosh advises Cindy


By Hussein Kiganda

Cindy seems to be a master in social media fights and she seems to have picked another with Spice Diana who seems to be a master in media stunts too.
After the recently concluded Zzina awards, Cindy who was not satisfied with the two awards she received, took to her social media handles claiming the panelists at the awards were not just because they did not not vote her as favourite for the topmost awards.
Talking to one TV in the city, Mr. Mosh, one of the presenters at Galaxy FM and an organiser told Cindy to relax and move on because they did not follow who was older or had more experience than the other, but rather who was the best in that year.
“Music and awards change according to what is trending. Sheebah had won them for the past four years, but she never won any award this time. Spice broke records at Freedom City, Rema did well at Africana and Cindy performed well at Cricket Oval that is why each of them won two awards. Music is not all about years. The one whose fans were active on social media voted her  more and she won…” Mr. Mosh said.


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