Chris Evans releases dedication song to Maama Fiina


By Hussein Kiganda

Abbey Musinguzi also known as Abitex was seen as a joke when he opened up to say that he was in love with a one Sophia Namutebi also known as Maama Fiina. The events promoter kept on uttering and pouring out his heart to the traditional healer, but her heart has not yet been melted.
A few weeks ago, the promoter had promised to release a dedication song to the female socialite through Chris Evans Kaweesi. Well, a few hours ago, Chris Evans release the long awaited song called, Maama Don with strong lyrics pouring out Abitex’s message to the female Don.
Talking to a TV in town, the Ndikusasulaki singer told the media that Abitex had paid him very well to sing for Maama Fiina and he advised the traditional healer to take heart and listen to it.
“Yess, he paid me all my money before releasing the song and in it, I put in the very message that he told me to deliver. I call upon Maama Fiina to take time and listen to it. She should not mind about the size of Abitex as long as there is work…,” the singer said.
However, we have not yet heard from Maama Fiina’s side since Abitex poured out her heart. The only thing she did was to tease the social media with posts posing with a man in a “kwanjula” like gomesi, which many took for her show of her new hubby that she is yet to introduce. Abitex almost went mad when he saw the photos. If Maama Fiina had not come out to clear the air that that was just his brother, the promoter would have fainted in her tiny cape.


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