Journalists’ president Kazibwe Bashir releases song


By Hussein Kiganda

The 50K issue may not end now. Even the ones we thought get more than that are trying to diversify and get money from other sources. Our fellow journalist Kazibwe Bashir, a news anchor at a certain TV and owner of a certain radio in the city released his debut song a few days ago. The Uganda Journalists Association president, whose song is titled Mbayiirawo omubiri, is trying to find some greener pastures. The song points at the fact that journalists  sacrifice their own bodies to be beaten up in order to help the public get information and get help. The song is catching up and receiving airplay on some radios and trending on some social media platforms.
Talking to an online TV in town, he said that he himself cannot believe that he managed to sing the song. He promised his fans that he is yet to shoot his video and also hold an online concert any time.
“I myself do not believe that I sang the song. I wanted to convey my message to Ugandans through music since it is the one trending these days. I am yet to shoot its video because I have arranged to do it with the best video directors in the country. I am still wondering how I will dress up in the song because it is a rap song. I will even make an online concert in December in the campaign period. I will call other artists to help me out…,” the journalist, now upcoming artist said.
So this is where the 50K is pushing journalists? Well, the music industry seems to be a green field and a house of hope for so many people in both journalism and comedy. A few months ago, both Alex Muhangi and Anne Kansiime hit studios for hits. We are still waiting to see if Yusuf Baliruno and Fat Boy are going to follow the same trend.


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