Pallaso bashed for “hit”

Pallaso has a song out with Hamisa Mobetto

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Pallaso who is one of the Ugandan singers whose fingers hit the “block” button fast on social media at the sight of anyone disagreeing or trolling them has been served shade.

He took to his Twitter account asking his followers whether he should drop another hit. “Should I drop another hit?” He tweeted. Some people felt the word “hit” coming from him does not make sense at all and therefore asked him about it.

@MajhuraI replied: “have you ever dropped one?” IbraKasn asked: “Are you still a musician?” And no, he did not reply, but we suspect he blocked them.

@BMasai told him he does not make hits, it is the fans that do make songs hits.

“You drop the songs. It is us who make them hits.”

DJ Slick Stuart subtly told him not to. “No, forgive the Nansana haters,” he replied.

However, some asked him to go ahead and drop the hit.


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