Bad Black gets sh10m for COVID-19 advert


By Musa Ssemwanga

Bad Black came out a couple of days ago saying the ministry owed her sh500m after her messages calling upon colleagues to desist from interacting with truck drivers have been running on TV for weeks.

She intended to sue the Ministry of Health and its partners the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

However, according to the health ministry, it was Precision Media which dealt with Bad Black and recorded her messages to sex workers, asserting that there was no document or agreement signed with the socialite concerning payment for her services.

This same week, in the presence of events promoter Balaam, her lawyers and press, Bad Black signed against papers as approval for her payment in Ntinda.

With sealed boxes of money at the presser, many wondered and asked how much she was given since it was not revealed officially.

However, it is ‘allegedly’ said by our sources in the NRM camp that she was paid sh10m for the Covid 19 advert.

“I have been fully settled by National Resistance Movement supporters with the help of Balaam. Now my children can feed well with this money. I will not attack government anymore,” Bad Black revealed in a press briefing on Saturday.

Her praises for the ruling party NRM after receiving her payment however tickled People Power supporters the wrong way.

They called her all sorts of names and a traitor on top of sharing her pictures while dressed in the pressure group’s signature red head top.


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